How Technological Innovations Have Jointly Increased Safety Standards

In the past, safety standards were set by legislation and by companies. Nowadays, those standards are being redefined as technological innovations continue to improve. There is a new way that technologies such as machine learning and automation can help with safer work environments. It’s called “intelligent automation.” This technology creates a more flexible workplace where workers have fewer injuries and accidents. With intelligent automation, employers don’t need to worry about their employees getting tired or distracted on the job – it will all be taken care of for them! Whether you’re an employee or an employer, these technological advancements will make your life easier in the long run!

Bank of America has already started to use this technology in some of their branches. They have seen a 40% decrease in teller errors and an 80% reduction in the amount of time it takes to complete a task!

Insurance companies are already starting to use intelligent automation. It improved the accuracy of their claims process by 80%. Now, insurance companies are able to make better decisions about how much money they should be paying out in claims.

Intelligent automation is also being used in the defense industry. The U.S Army has been using this technology for several years now and it has saved them billions! Unfortunately though, intelligent automation hasn’t been able to save the industry from their recent financial woes – but that’s a discussion for another time!

Another industry that is using intelligent automation to improve workplace safety standards are hospitals. With this technology, all of the tasks involved in every operation can be completed by robotics!

This new way of working reduces stress on employees and gives them more time for rest when they’re not at work. It’s an exciting advancement for everyone involved – check it out today!

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