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User Experience

Excellent user experience (UX) is key to getting and keeping your customers.

We provide analysis and usability testing of existing UX, design and creation of new UX, information architecture, and style guide authoring.

We also consult on a variety of product definition experiences, and can join or facilitate your teams in brainstorming and design sessions.

We work on all kinds of digital projects including enterprise portal designs, mobile applications, small business web sites, games and commercial sites.


Rapid prototying of user experience can let you get the wrinkles out of your user experience before you spend money and time implementing it.

To save your development team time, we deliver the front end prototype assets - HTML, javascript, css and images - for your development teams to plug into your projects. We have a lot of experience working in development lifecycles and understand the importance of ease to implement, flexibliity, deadlines and budgets.

Our approach

Clean UI: clear, clean user interfaces with plain-language, friendly cues for users.

Responsive design: design and development of responsive user interfaces - same code, different devices.

Current feel: we keep up with trends while making sure they still provide excellent UX.

Flexibility: we write prototype code that can be quickly extended to new and changing product requirements.

Future proofing: we design your UX knowing that styles and brands evolve - and we make it as easy as possible for your design to adapt to change.

Tools we use

We can adapt to use any tool you'd like, but our current favorites are:

Wireframes: Gliffy, Balsamiq, Visio, FluidUI

Prototypes: PHP, Code Igniter, Bootstrap, mySQL

Design: Photoshop, Illustrator

We also have extensive experience creating custom Wordpress themes and plugins.

What you get

We're here to help your organization define excellent user experience for its products.

We provide lots of different kinds of artifacts for Product Managers, Product Owners, Designers and Developers, including:

  • wireframes
  • visual designs
  • interactive prototypes for web and mobile
  • analysis reports
  • requirements documentation

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About + Contact


Katharine Hammer

I am Katharine Hammer, the principal at Floor 42.

I have 15 years experience and have worked as a Creative Director, Product Manager and User Experience consultant for digital user experiences in Television, Cable and Telecom.

I've worked for businesses large and small, including Ericsson, Canoe Ventures, Level 3 Communications as well as small businesses who need a web presence.

Design and Development

We have a small group of freelance design and development ninjas who join on for our projects as needed.

In fact, we are currently looking to grow the team!

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